Caveau des Demoiselles

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Bugey Chardonnay "Agathe" White 75 cl
Soft and fruity wine, Chardonnay can be served with fish, cooked pork meats and cheeses.

Bugey Chardonnay "Christine" White 75 cl
Chardonnay from grapes harvested at full maturity. With notes compote, while roundness, it is perfect to begin the festivities.

Fine et Marc du Bugey (50 cl et 70 cl)
Ces digestifs sont obtenus par la distillation respectivement du vin et du marc. Vieillis en fûts de chêne pendant plus de 10 ans, ils présentent une belle robe ambrée.
Fine 45 % alcool / Marc 40 % alcool
Millésime : 2001

Bugey Gamay "Jeane" Red 75 cl
Light-bodied and sharp wine, it has an expression of freshness and fruit. It should be drunk young and lives cooked pork meats, poultry and white meats up.

Bugey Mondeuse "Madeleine" Red 75 cl
Mondeuse is a solid and deep wine. It can be served with red meats, game and cheeses. It develops its flavors after a few years.

Pinot Gris "Coline" Blanc 75 CL
Le raisin du cépage pinot gris est de couleur rose, suite aux vinifications il donne un vin blanc souple et fruité.

Bugey Pinot "Candice" Red 75 cl
This red wine with garnet robe, offers a concentrate of fruit and spice flavors. With its powerful and elegant structure, this wine promises a good aging potential. It can be served with red meats and game.

Bugey Roussette "Marie" White 75 cl
Roussette is a wine slightly mellow and perfumed. It perfectly suits fish and cheese specialities such as raclette or fondue. It can be kept from 3 to 5 years.

Bugey Rosé 75 cl
Light-bodied wine, it reveals an expression of freshness and fruits. It should be drunk young and may be accompanied by meat or raw vegetables.

Blackcurrant Liqueur 70 cl
Unctuous and well-balanced liqueur with fruity flavors.
Available also in 100 cl and 35 cl.

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